Actor. Martial Artist. Dancer.

Bruce Lee in the world premiere of David Henry Hwang's Kung Fu in NYC. 2nd runner-up on SYTYCD Season 9


Cole Horibe was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. He began martial arts at the age of 4, studying many different martial arts, but focusing primarily on Taekwondo and Kung Fu. (He has a black belt in Taekwondo, and is a collegiate national and junior olympic silver medalist, as well as a Siu Lum Pai graduate–black belt equivalent.)

Cole dreamt of becoming an actor since childhood, which eventually led to him taking up dancing at a later point in his life after watching his sister, Cara Horibe, (ABDC’s Fanny Pak) dance for many years.  He placed 2nd runner-up on SYTYCD Season 9 and went on to star in David Henry Hwang’s world premiere of Kung Fu in NYC.

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    Martial Arts/Action Reel
    Martial Arts
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    Kung Fu Trailer
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    Cole Horibe: Bruce Lee inspiration

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